About Us

We stand with the fans, the collectors, the Saturday lads, the part time dad's, the casuals, ibiza goers, wearing our tees for raving (and misbehaving), the double droppers, the getting chased by the coppers, we stand with the working class, we stand against modern football and we are united by a love of all things casual. 

Who are the House of Frank? We're a self made, self sufficient Indie brand from Middlesbrough, North East England. The brand was created by pure fluke to be honest, we originally set out to produce T-shirts for personal wear. Over time and through the power of Social Media our designs gained more and more attention and thus House of Frank was already stating to make a name for itself.

We grew up in the 80s and 90s on council estates in Stockton on Tees and South Bank. The name House of Frank came about in memory of Paul & Deano's grandad - Frank. A proper legend who first introduced us to Football, Paul & Shark and Lacoste. Frank worked at the chemical plants on Teesside all of his life and was a die hard Boro fan, he lived for his family and the weekend.

The idea behind the label was to get Frank's name out to as many international football locations as possible. Through the love of the working class game, we are united.

We're a 4 man outfit, that with the help of friends, family and collaborators chipping in along the way design, print and craft all of our clobber in our very own Print Shop on site. We've gained quite the following both domestic and international along the way.

Through the support of our loyal following we carve out T-shirts and clobber that gets folk talking both before and after the big game. We take our inspiration from the casual and music scene which we proper buzz off. We set out to produce very nice clobber that is sharable on social channels.

Is there a better way to be spending your Saturdays? (This is obviously a rhetorical question) - of course there isn't.

Lo and behold we're not shy of a bit of controversy, we do things our way round these parts. We don't subscribe to the corporate 'beige' that gets churned out on a mass produced scale at eye watering prices. We answer to nobody. Our runs are only accessible for a short spell. We like to keep it this way.